Family holidays

Travel to Suzdal
Not far from Vladimir is the ancient town of Suzdal, famous for its historical sights. The city was formed in the middle of the eleventh century during the time of…

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Rest in Crimea
The unique beauty of the Crimean landscapes, as well as a wide variety of resorts of the famous peninsula, have always attracted thousands of friendly tourists to these amazing lands.…

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Floating Markets in Bangkok
Bangkok is a modern metropolis, where, along with luxury and huge houses, there is poverty of peasant buildings and neighborhoods. There are large shopping centers or natural markets, but typical…

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Ten amazing Mexico attractions

Mexico is a very colorful country, which is located in North America. It combines a relaxing beach holiday, unusual mysterious excursions and vibrant nightlife. If you happen to visit the resorts of Mexico, be sure to visit at least some of its attractions.

Chichen Itza
This is a sacred village located on the Yucatan Peninsula, in which the ancient Mayan people lived. The settlement was founded around the 6th century BC. Chichen Itza is considered the most preserved Mayan city, so it is so popular. The most famous building of the city is the temple of the god Kukulkan, a pyramid 30 meters high. Four stairs lead to the top of the pyramid (where the sacrifices took place), the number of stairs is equal to the number of days in a year. Continue reading

Book a hotel online

The development of Internet technologies offers us many new opportunities. With the advent of specialized sites, it has become much easier to organize your vacation, plan your trip yourself, without contacting travel agencies. Therefore, many Vladimir hotels, not to mention hotels in larger cities, offer their customers the option of electronic room reservations, which is now very popular. Consider the option of booking hotels on the example of the Orion Hotel in Vladimir.

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How profitable to buy a tour?

Probably, every person living in Russia, whoever he is, will not miss the opportunity to save. This principle works even when a long-awaited vacation is planned. Any tourist wishes to fly away on a trip and at the same time acquire an inexpensive and high-quality tour.

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Relaxing in the Russian expanses

Now most of our fellow citizens refuse to rest abroad. And rightly so! Why go to distant lands where they speak an incomprehensible language, take risks when our Russia is so beautiful and wide. You can choose any area on the map, starting from Karelia to the Crimea and the Black Sea coast and ending with Kamchatka, and a travel company will help organize a colorful vacation in Russia.

Depending on your desires, age and capabilities, the tour operator can choose the appropriate route and organize an interesting trip. In order to determine the direction of the rest, we briefly consider several types of tourism. Continue reading

Rest in Crimea

The unique beauty of the Crimean landscapes, as well as a wide variety of resorts of the famous peninsula, have always attracted thousands of friendly tourists to these amazing lands. Choosing a worthy place here for a pastime full of various events is a fairly simple task for any, even an excessively demanding traveler.

The hospitable nature of the multinational Crimeans, who were not spoiled by the vicissitudes of political events, has been known since the distant and difficult Soviet times.


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