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Rest in Crimea

The unique beauty of the Crimean landscapes, as well as a wide variety of resorts of the famous peninsula, have always attracted thousands of friendly tourists to these amazing lands. Choosing a worthy place here for a pastime full of various events is a fairly simple task for any, even an excessively demanding traveler.

The hospitable nature of the multinational Crimeans, who were not spoiled by the vicissitudes of political events, has been known since the distant and difficult Soviet times.

TOP 5 GREAT RESORTS OF THE FAMOUS PENINSULAOf the rich variety of numerous Crimean resorts, frequent visitors to these wonderful places distinguish several cozy cities, almost never disappointing multinational and uneven-aged vacationers. A lot of fair complaints are caused only by the crowded Yalta, although it still manages to remain among the most beloved and most visited resort cities.

In this well-known Russian resort, there are many wonderful places that delight carefree tourists with numerous sandy beaches, famous for their cleanliness. For most travelers, Theodosius is not associated with the mentioned, albeit magnificent beaches, but with the mysterious Ivan Aivazovsky. The famous masterpieces of this talented marine painter and his students can be admired at the National Art Gallery, named after this illustrious painter. Young amateurs of entertainment are attracted by the bright and unpredictable parties of the famous Beach Club 117 – a democratic and stylish club.

Being a member of a fascinating journey into the distant and forgotten Middle Ages is a real adventure for all guests of this cozy resort. Here are the remains of the once powerful towers and walls of the gloomy Genoese fortress. No less interesting are the studies of the underwater kingdom. Fans of scuba diving, seeking to get into the Aurelia, a young but already well-known diving center, will never refuse to get acquainted with its mysterious inhabitants, as well as with the cabins of a sunken boat. True legends have been circulating about the quartz sand of these beaches for a long time.

The coast of this West Crimean resort will delight active tourists with its sand and pebble beaches and wonderful opportunities for diving beloved by young people. Here you can spend hours enjoying spectacular performances at the Dolphinarium, where several witty dolphins and funny South American sea lions sparkle with their artistic talent. Almost all the guests of the resort already know about the “Crimea in Miniature” – a relatively recently opened amusement park with reduced copies of the most famous structures of the peninsula.

Almost all vacationers who choose these places for the sake of perfectly equipped pebble beaches dream of visiting the mysterious and mysterious Valley of Ghosts, located next to this quiet resort. Young tourists, first of all, are attracted by the unexpected opportunity to see sea cows, harmless Cuban crocodiles and lazy moray eels in the local Terrarium Aquarium. Their parents prefer acquaintance with transparent-clear Jur-Jur – the famous waterfall in the picturesque surroundings of Alushta.

At the mention of this city, foreign travelers have associations with the unique “Swallow’s Nest” – a pseudo-Gothic castle that looks mystical and mysterious. Carefree tourists are attracted here by relaxing on the always crowded pebbled Massandra beach. Floral balls, winding alleys, a unique arboretum, as well as elegant fountains delight guests of the resort here Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Tourists speak of the two largest cities of the peninsula – remembering the past battles of Sevastopol and the hospitable Simferopol – as equal Crimean capitals.

To the famous Sevastopol Panorama, dedicated to the defense of the glorious city, the flow of curious travelers who show a sincere interest in the valiant military past of this city does not stop. Many Orthodox and ordinary tourists become worshipers in the revived Vladimir Cathedral. Lovers of soaking up the Crimean sun on the crowded, clean pebble-sandy beaches can do it in the calm Balaklava – one of the modern areas of Sevastopol.

Guests of Simferopol, first of all, will enjoy visiting the spacious halls of the Art Museum, well-known not only to Crimeans. Here they will get acquainted with the graphic and pictorial works of famous and unfamiliar representatives of Russian and Western European fine art: Fedotov, Bruegel, Vasnetsov, Ruysh, Venetsianov, Orrente and many other sculptors and brushes.

Every traveler who opts for a vacation in the Crimea, open to friendly guests, always has something to choose from a variety of decent resorts for an unforgettable pastime.

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